Carbon neutral production facility in the works as MD of Greenview and Northern Petrochemical Corporation sign land sales agreement for 295 acres.

Municipal District of Greenview
November 10, 2021
Valleyview, Alberta

Northern Petrochemical Corporation (NPC) has signed a historic land sales agreement for a 295-acre parcel from the Municipal District of Greenview. The announcement was recently made at the Greenview Industrial Gateway’s first Annual Stakeholder Update, Wednesday, November 10, in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

The land parcel connected to the sale is located within the Greenview Industrial Gateway, in the Municipal District of Greenview. NPC intends to construct a carbon-neutral, 2.5-billion-dollar Natural Gas to Blue Methanol and Blue Ammonia production facility based on financing and approvals.

Facility construction is scheduled to start within the northwest sector of Alberta in the summer of 2023. This integrated development will generate up to 4,000 construction jobs and more than 400 long-term employment positions for the Grand Prairie Region throughout the project’s duration. The project will contribute an estimated 3 billion in total taxes over its life span, with positive economic spin-offs for all sectors of the region.

Geoff Bury, CEO of Northern Petrochemical Corporation, is one of many anticipating tremendous success.

“There are exciting times ahead. With the low cost of this natural gas feedstock, the opportunities for carbon sequestration, the proximity of process water, rail access; The Greenview Industrial Gateway has a lot to offer. The GIG has everything needed to compete on the world stage.”

Greenview Councillors, past and present, were on hand for the announcement, alongside newly elected Reeve, Tyler Olsen.

“Processing natural gas to carbon-neutral value-added products at the source is the right path to lower overall emissions in the future. This project might be based on industry, but with the overall attention to creating an eco-industrial development, it is one that Greenview can be proud of.

A development of this size and nature will not only provide thousands of jobs during the construction portion over the life of the project but more than 400 full-time positions will also be added in the region as well. The opportunity is here – to deliver a world-class, integrated eco-industrial site, right here in the MD of Greenview.”