Natural gas is affordably priced in Canada compared to other alternatives and that is mainly because the Canadian and provincial governments offer incentives to the industry and the vast reserves that the country has. These are two of the main reasons Natural Gas Exploration and Processing are booming in the country, particularly in Alberta, which has vast reserves of natural gas.
Alberta Oil and Gas Field Map shows that one of the largest deposits of natural gas is the Montney Natural Gas deposit. This deposit is the source of low-cost natural gas feedstock for the petroleum industry not just in Canada but also in the US.
Today, natural gas is highly sought-after as many countries are looking to reduce greenhouse emissions. Also, it is one of the key ingredients in the manufacture of fertilizers, anti-freeze, fabrics, and plastics.
In the Petrochemical Industry Alberta, which is one of the largest in Canada and the world, natural gas and natural gas feedstock is highly sought-after. Natural gas is essential in several industries, including pulp, plastics, paper, petroleum refining, clay, chemicals, food processing, and metal.
Applications of Natural Gas
Natural gas is used for cooling, heating, and cooking. It is also used in the treatment of waste and incineration since it results in fewer emissions and byproducts. Hence, natural gas is a much cleaner alternative to coal and other fossil fuels.
In the pharmaceutical and fertilizer industries, natural gas is used to extract ethane, butane, and propane. These are used as feedstock in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and fertilizers. Also, natural gas is required for the production of methanol, where it is used as feedstock. Methanol is needed for many industrial applications. It is one of the main fuel sources in fuel cells.
Natural gas is also used to make synthesis gas, which is then converted to MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether). MTBE is the need of the hour as it is an essential additive in gasoline and works to make it burn cleaner.
The Final Word
These are some of the uses and applications of natural gas in Canada and the rest of the world. With demand for natural gas once again surging after the 2020 pandemic, it is anticipated that by 2021, it will reach the pre-pandemic levels. That is good news for natural gas exploration and processing companies.